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Inspirational Thought Of The Week : Gonzo Arzuaga

February 26, 2016

Image Resource : blogspot.com

Description : Rejection is not pleasant and we often get disheartened whenever we are rejected. However, this has changed for me. Gonzo Arzuaga’s motivation and inspiration has enabled me to handle rejection gracefully, work hard and better, function outside my comfort zone and strive towards success. I urge you to do the same and live your life to the fullest.

Nothing To Beat The Unadulterated Fun : Surfing Course At Kovalam!

February 23, 2016

Surfing Course At Kovalam

Surfing Course At Kovalam | Image Resource : tumblr.com

Summarization : As a child, I used to watch my favorite cartoons surfing in the sea and also watched it on the news. I have always wanted to try the sport and got a chance do so at the Kovalam Beach in Chennai. The session consisted of the guide explaining to us about the oceanic currents and the weather conditions and also tips on how to start with the sport.

Delicious Food Of The Week : Fried Hokkien Mee Singapore

February 19, 2016

Fried Hokkien Mee Singapore

Fried Hokkien Mee Singapore | Image Resource : elainegirlgirl.wordpress.com

Summarization : This humble fried noodle dish was created by Hokkien émigrés who use to work in noodle factories & is deceivingly simple looking and extremely delicious. This dish was produced during Singapore’s post-war and is the ultimate dish of Singapore. Relishing on this insanely delicious dish was an experience I will never forget in my life.

Photo Of The Week : The Club At Capella Singapore

February 16, 2016

The Club At Capella Singapore

The Club At Capella Singapore | Image Resource : cleartrip.com   

Description :  To experience luxury and resort-style living, I decided to sojourn at The Club at Capella Singapore. My stay at the hotel has redefined my definition of luxury and has raised my bar of expectations when it comes to accommodation options. I recommend you to stay at this hotel to experience leisure, comfort, convenience and world-class facilities.

Get Drenched In the Colors of Indian Tricolor Flag : Happy Republic Day

January 25, 2016

republic day wishes

Image Resource : pixgood.com

After many years of struggling under various local rulers and foreign over lords who invaded the nation off its treasures, India is now able to stand up economically. This is due to its declaration of democracy and the ability where everyone has an equal stand and hence each person should take an oath to work towards building the country.

Feel on Top Of The World By Skydiving in Mysore

January 23, 2016

Hey There Folks! This is Anandan Iyer but you can call me Andy. My passion for adventure and travelling forces me to take a break from my software development profession and set out on a trail to discover new places, meet new people ,try out new types of foods and take up new challenges.

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace | Image Resource : blog.united21hotelmysore.com

I am a keen on adventure sports and have travelled to many places and have tried my hand at bungee jumping, river rafting and much more. On my wish list is Skydiving and what better place than the beautiful Mysore.

Mysore Museums
Mysore Museums | Image Resource : railnews.co.in

Mysore Zoos
Mysore Zoos
| Image Resource : tripoto.com

Delicious Sweets In Mysore Lip Smacking Rasam Rice
Delicious Sweets In Mysore Lip Smacking Rasam Rice
| Image Resource : bhojanarecipes.com

Mysore is known for many things like the beautiful Mysore palace, museums, zoos and much more. I have decided that on my visit to Mysore I am surely going to visit all these places. But of course on top of the list is skydiving in Mysore which I will not miss at any cost. I will also dig my fingers into the delicious sweets in Mysore and have some lip smacking Rasam Rice!

Skydiving In Mysore
Skydiving In Mysore
| Image Resource : traveltriangle.com

Skydiving in Mysore is famous throughout India :

Skydiving basically involves free fall from an aircraft and falling towards the earth with the aid of gravity. A parachute is tied around the person which is used during the final moments of decent. Skydiving in Mysore has a huge demand. Youngsters enjoy the free fall from a height of almost 10,000 Ft .It definitely must be taking them to a new high and I too want experience that kick.

Chamundi Hills In Mysore
Chamundi Hills In Mysore
| Image Resource : junglekey.in

I have decided I will go to the Chamundi Hills for the skydiving adventure as it is pretty famous. I have gathered information that they also take care of all the safety precautions. I will have the options of selecting from Sky diving Tandem Jump and The Accelerated Freefall. In the tandem types one has to jump with the instructor as it is for beginners. The accelerated freefall is for those who have experience of skydiving and one need to go solo. I will love to go solo but will have to see how things work out.

Sky Diving Tandem Jump
Sky Diving Tandem Jump
| Image Resource : toppixgallery.com

So once I am through with my this week’s project I am going to take the first train to Mysore .I would have preferred Air travel but I have heard that currently the airport is not open for commercial use. So I will head straight to Chamundi hills and watch this place from top of the world. Will surely keep you guys updated about the progress of my trip.

Delicious Food Of The Week : Bak Chor Mee Singapore Food

January 18, 2016

Bak Chor Mee Singapore Food

Bak Chor Mee Singapore Food | Image Resource : kellysiewcooks.com

Description : I had an opportunity to visit Singapore with my friends and I tried the Bak Chor Mee which is the local street food. It has flat yellow noodles which are served with pork liver, pork dumplings and a broth in which the pork has been reduced in. It is a flavorful dish which reflects the local culture.

Inspirational Travel Thought of The Week - Duaransel

January 13, 2016

Image Resource : yoggaas.com

This quote has always held significance in my life because we lead fast paced lives where we are on a race towards attaining success. We forget to travel and enjoy and experience the new in the process. We must let go sometimes and enjoy what nature has to offer because we have one life to live.

Marina Bay Sands : Sign Up For A Royal Treatment!

January 5, 2016

Singapore is the face of all exotic Asian locations in the world. It is covered with sophisticated tall buildings and yet manages to have its share of zoo’s and nature parks filled with exquisite flora and fauna. The Marina Bay is located at the bay front avenue and the suites of this hotel give its patrons a grand view of the ocean and the waves lapping up on the beaches.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

There are many options of rooms, namely the Orchid suite, Bay suite, Sands suite, Marina suite and the Strait suite. Each class comes with its own luxurious amenities. The Marina Bay Sands is perfect for both business conferences and vacationing and the guests can choose their suites based on their needs.

Orchid Suite Marina Bay Sands

Orchid Suite Marina Bay Sands | Image Resource : youtube.com

The infinity pool located on the terrace is the main attraction and offers the view of the entire city one side and the looming oceanic currents on the other. A dip in this pool built by Marina Bay Sands can calm the frayed nerves in an instant.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Pool

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Pool | Image Resource : dailymail.co.uk

The hotel houses a European restaurant, a bar and café. The bar has great deals on the beverages like cocktails and mocktails. The dance floor is known to be one of the best in the city and is famed to be the most happening party location in the town. On occasions like the Christmas and New Year eve, arrangements like fireworks are made and it is an additional treat to the guests visiting around that time.

They have also hired celebrity chefs to work in their hotels. They whip up delicious meals which are influenced by the local ingredients and the fresh produce from the sea. The hotel also has an in-house shopping complex which houses the best clothing and jewellery brands from around the world. Discounts and unique deals are offered to the patrons who book certain suites.

The Marina Bay is the epitome of luxury and its patrons swear by the opulent hospitality services provided by the hotel which can be checked out on their official web sites.

Wishing You A Fabulous New Year With Full Of Great Achievements

December 29, 2015

Image Resource : besthappynewyear2016.com

2015 turned out to be way better than what I expected. It had been a wonderful year as I travelled many new places and had a great bonding time with my friends. I wish that 2016 be as successful and fabulous like this year. Wishing everyone a very happy new year.

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