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Travel Photo Of The Week : Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi

June 29, 2014

 Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi

Santa Cruz Basilica Kochi | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Description : We were biking around the streets of Kochi, exploring each and every aspect of it. That when we saw Santa cruz basilica and we decided to check it out. This Cathedral is located at Fort Kochi. It is one of the eight Basili…

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Hill Palace Museum Kochi Speaks a Lot about the Royalty of Kochi

June 27, 2014

Hill Palace is one of the largest museums in Kerala and is located at Tripunithura. It was once the administrative office of the royalty and was built in 1865. It is a large complex spreading over an area of 54 acres and consisting of 49 buildings built in the traditional Kerala style. It has an arc…

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Poornathrayeesa Temple Kochi is a Calm and Peaceful Place

June 24, 2014

Poornathreyeesa Temple is located at Tripunithura, which is about 20 km from our hotel and 10 km from the city of Ernakulam. It is connected to Kochi by road and also by ferry. The temple is one of the three greatest temples in Kerala and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is in the form of Sa…

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Travel Photo Of The Week : Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi

June 22, 2014

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Description : Cricket is not just a game but a religion in India. Therefore we can say that Jawaharlal nehru stadium is the holy ground for all Cricket lovers. Afterall, it is the biggest Cricket stadium in India and the second large…

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Indo Portuguese Museum Kochi Takes to the Period of Portuguese Settlement in India

June 20, 2014

Fort Kochi was under the control of Portuguese for about 160 years and the city still shows traces of Portuguese culture and traditions. We went to visit the museum in the morning and reached the place by 10.30 am. The museum was located in the Bishop’s House and was open for visiting from 10.00 am …

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Jew Town Kochi Keeps You Captivated

June 17, 2014

During our stay at the hotel, we were told at the travel desk about Jew Town, of which I have never heard before. I asked for details and I was told that it was a narrow lane between the Mattancherry Palace and the Pardesi Synagogue, and was famous for its antique shops and colonial buildings. Accor…

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Travel Photo Of The Week : Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi

June 15, 2014

 Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi

Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi | Image Resource : wikimedia.org 

Description : If you are not from Kerala, you may not understand what is this picture all about ? This is a beautiful photograph of the chinese fishing nets that are extensively used by the fishermen in Kerala. Since most of the dist…

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Abad Airport Hotel Cochin – The Best Place to Indulge in

June 13, 2014

Wherever I go, I make it a point to book my rooms in advance so that I need not take any tension of getting a decent room after reaching the place. Kochi being a metro city has many hotels including budget as well as star hotels. After a thorough search on the internet for decent hotels in Kochi, I …

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Travel Photo Of The Week : Cherai Beach Kochi

June 6, 2014


Cherai Beach Kochi

Cherai Beach Kochi | Image Resource : tourmet.com

Description : In was in Kochi and my friend took me to Cherai beach. This was my first visit to cherai beach. I was quite surprised to see that this beach was quite different from other beaches in Kerala i.e less crowded and more cleaner. I co…

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Pallipuram Fort Kochi Speaks a Lot about the History of Kochi

June 4, 2014

 Pallipuram Fort Kochi Outside View

Pallipuram Fort Kochi Outside View | Image Resource : mw2.google.com

Kochi is a beautiful place with palaces, ancient buildings, museums, cathedrals and lots more. One is never tired of exploring its various aspects. It has all the modern facilities and at the same time preserves its heritage a…

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Here Are Some of the Delicious Foods of Kochi

June 1, 2014

Kochi is well known for its delicious food, which includes vegetarian dishes as well as a variety of non vegetarian dishes. Being a foodie, I visited many of the restaurants and the dhabas in Kochi and had a taste of various preparations. There were expensive multi cuisine restaurants that served In…

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