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Explore the History of Bihar at Patna Museum

August 25, 2015

I had some of the best experiences of my lifetime at the beautiful and heritage city of Patna. The Mahavir temple is a place for solace and spirituality. I felt the positive aura as I visited this famous pious shrine of Lord Hanuman. Next I decided to visit the Patna museum. I love to explore histor…

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Photo Of The Week : Hotel Patliputra Ashok

August 22, 2015

Hotel Patliputra Ashok

Hotel Patliputra Ashok | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

Summarization : With the exploding heat of Patna, I decided with my family to stay at Hotel Patliputra Ashok which was a wonderful decision. The hotel was well-versed with basic and advanced amenities of today’s modern world. I personall…

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Mahavir Mandir Patna – The Pious Temple of Lord Hanuman

August 20, 2015

The Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan is an exquisite place for nature lovers. The variety of flora and fauna housed within the complex of this garden is truly awe – inspiring. After having a wonderful experience at the Sanjay Gandhi garden it was time for some spirituality as I headed towards the Mahavi…

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Photo Of The Week : Funtasia Water Park Patna

August 18, 2015

Funtasia Water Park Patna

Funtasia Water Park Patna | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

Funtasia Water Park Patna : The heat of Patna was crawling all over bodies when we decided to take a trip to Funtasia Water Park Patna. The park had numerous water slides and playgrounds which made our day really great and heat-free. …

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The Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan Patna - A Perfect Recluse for Nature Lovers

August 14, 2015

I was quite satisfied with the services offered by the Royal King resort that I had booked for my stay a Patna. Near to the hotel only there is the famous Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan. This park is located at a distance of merely 2 kilometres from the Patna Jn. Railway station and also from the Lok Na…

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Photo Of The Week : P & M Mall Patna

August 12, 2015

P & M Mall Patna

P & M Mall Patna | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

The Mall in Patna is the coolest to enjoy everything at a single place. From the multiplexes to world-class gym and the departmental stores to finest food courts, the hotel has everything a shopper or visitor is looking for. I grabbed everythi…

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My Travel from Chennai to the Heritage City of Patna via Indigo Airlines

August 10, 2015

I am a software technician by profession and hence I have quite a competent attitude towards work. I believe in giving my best in whatever I engage myself in. Even though my schedule is quite tied up still I always device ways to find some time for myself. I love to travel. This vacation I planned a…

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Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Photography

August 6, 2015

Everyone knows that i’m in love with my camera and crazy about taking pictures. I shoot nature, wildlife, puppies, babies, buildings, historical monuments and trees pretty much anything that can be captured by my camera lens.


Photography | Image Resource : mralremeithi.com

In this blog, …

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Inspirational Thought of The Week : Winston S. Churchill

August 4, 2015

Image Resource : thinkgreatloseweight.com

Well Said! This famous quote always reminds me to never stop for striving for the soar. Whether it’s my career, personal life or even a travelling journey, I don’t stop after a success because I know that’s not it. There is always something left that …

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