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Air travel from Chennai to Mumbai by Go Air airlines - a Flight to the World of Fantasies, Mumbai

September 1, 2014

The land, where people are always on foot to move, where nobody sleeps, where it fulfills high dreams, and so forth is nothing but Mumbai. Though being a metropolitan city like my Chennai, Mumbai has its own world of ecstasy and elation. I chose to go by air travel from Chennai to Mumbai by Go Air airlines with some special Mumbai packages. On board I could notice the crowd of Mumbai. The city is always full on with energetic population. Though it was not my first trip to Mumbai but it was my first trip to spiritual and historical Mumbai. Yes, something that was beyond my traveling features and Mumbai’s fashion world.  Mumbai’s culinary remained my weakness all the way. 

Go Air Airlines

Go Air Airlines | Image Resource : 3.bp.blogspot.com

It was my destiny I hope, which headed me to share some of my divine moments with you people. Flight experience to Mumbai has constantly lingered special to me. The flight attendants are so caring and wear unvarying smile on their gleaming faces. This I like most about the aviation industry. Whenever thought of Mumbai cling in to my fantasies I feel mesmerized. I don’t know why, but there is some magic in its air! As soon as I enter the metropolis it welcomes me with profound dignity. The dazzling lights, exuberant expressions, happening nightlife and many others continue the city on move. And yes, how can I forget about the Bollywood celebrities that dwell in this city of dreams. So long I did not get the chance to see them. My eyes and senses were beyond my reach. It was early afternoon, say, 1.40 pm when my flight took off to Mumbai and I was there to plunge on Mumbai’s land by 3.35 pm.

After collecting my luggage I bid farewell to the Go Air Airlines which made my journey memorable with the Mumbai packages. I kept myself aloof from all of the commitments with which I was attached so long in Chennai. I headed towards Hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai were the super sumptuous room was waiting for me from Chennai itself. Right, it was pre-booked by me to avoid any mess at the last minute.

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