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Flight Travel from Chennai to Bagdogra on Spicejet

April 16, 2015

I reside in a city located on the costal line of the Bay of Bengal on the Coromandel Coast of west India, Chennai has a tropical atmosphere and is one the most imperative ports in the nation, taking care of a considerable bit of India's whole sea load. It is likewise a city of brilliant societies, lovely view and flourishing trade. Being in the IT profession for a moth I had a tight scheduled and I wish to escape from the hustle bustles of the daily tight schedule.

One of my friends suggested Bagdora which is perfect place relax mind and body. Bagdogra is situated at the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, presented with rich tea gardens and natural product plantations. Because of its vital sloping area, Bagdogra appreciates a wonderful atmosphere the greater part of the year with modestly warmth summers and cool winters. Air travel is the most ideal approach to achieve Bagdogra at sensible airfares. So I booke my ticket on Spice jet to this enchanting place to explore the beauty of Himalayan ranges

Spicejet Airlines

Spicejet Airlines | Image Resource : bms.co.in

Hence I could book air tickets for Bagdogra from Chennai on spicejet airlines. Numerous LCCs offer shoddy air tickets for Bagdogra that can be occupied through online flight ticket apps.

I packed my thing to leave and reached the airport around 9 am as my flight was at 10.40. The helped me to get best priced ticket on the airline. After the chek-in formalities I got in the flight and the travel hours to the Bagdogra was about 3 hours 30 minute. I enjoyed the flying

In the flight I was served with  drinks and refreshments, water, newspaper and the cabines were convenient . the seats were comfortable with enough legroom. As it was low-budget flight there was only economic cabins in the flight. Still the services were very good. The flight cabins were furnished with world class amenities and the services were excellent.

Kolkata Airport

Kolkata Airport | Image Resource : thehindu.com

I reached Badira airport around and the Airport is all around associated by a few flights with metros like Delhi and Kolkata. So our flight had a stopover at Kolkata Airport. My cab was waiting for me at airport and it took me to my hotel room.

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