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Take A Trip With Me To The Blessed Land Of Visakhapatnam!

February 20, 2015

I have been blessed with a wild spirit. Staying in one place for too long has never truly been my thing.  I dump all my essentials into a duffle bag and take trips to places I have never seen before. From all my travels I have learnt that no matter how many places in India you may have seen, there will always be something to take back from each visit, be it art, knowledge, wisdom or even just a souvenir.

Indigo airlines

Indigo airlines | Image Resource : topnews.in

My travel log to Visakhapatnam is rather interesting. I normally spend my Saturdays in front of the internet looking at travel logs for inspiration as to where to go next. One Saturday at my computer I stumbled upon something I haven’t seen before on a brochure that read “Visakhapatnam packages.”

There were budget packages as well as very expensive ones. No matter where I go, I’ve always preferred to holiday in style, be it a weekend getaway or a vacation. I’ve always been a person that loves to travel in comfort, it is a different kind of happiness and I am sure most of you will agree!

Visakhapatnam Packages

Visakhapatnam Packages | Image Resource : discovervizag.in

I did my usual routine of stuffing my bag with all the necessary things I did for the journey, booked a flight ticket in my favorite Indigo airlines. My air travel from Chennai to Visakhapatnam was very comfortable. The airline is known for its impeccable services and top notch facilities and amenities. The staffs were very friendly and had taken a liking to me or so I would like to think! 

There was an Italian lady sitting next to me on the plane and we happened to strike up a conversation. She told me tales of all her travels and each story she told me spoke of great things she’d seen and done all over India. I dint know how an hour and twenty minutes passed by and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to my new airline friend and hope that somewhere in this historical city, we will meet again!

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