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AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad - Sporting a Collection of Variety

August 18, 2014

India is a land of diversities. Be it the geographical diversity or the history of several invasions, India stands as a witness to the rise and downfall of many rulers and empires. It is the silent endure of many wars, ransacks, revolution and battles. Besides historical remains, the country is also religiously enriched by several monks and saints. Museums are excellent places for keeping the remnants of these great incidents. My visit to Hyderabad was accompanied with touring the famous tourist destinations. While roaming from one spot to another and knowing the history of those places I had the urge to witness some collection of the historical and archaeological remains. For that what could be a better choice than AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad. So I visited the place intending to explore the city even more.

Entrance Of AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad

Entrance Of AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad | Image Resource : makecleartrip.com

Since childhood I have liked visiting museums because the huge collection of different articles always fascinates me. Spending time inside the huge halls displaying collections from the native as well as abroad is something that I always have time for. The Archaeological museum was definitely something to ignite my interest. The museum showcases the items excavated around 1940 under the supervision of the Nizam of Hyderabad, who wanted to preserve the cultural heritage of the state. Among other articles, there is a huge gallery exhibiting the relics of Buddha. The decorative art galleries will magnetize the art lovers for sure. The display of Jain and bronze sculpture are also marvellous. But topping these all is the museum’s main attraction– an Egyptian mummy which was reportedly brought to Hyderabad by the son-in-law of Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan VI, and was donated to the last Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan. Everyone was interested to look at it as it is something not to be found outside Egypt.

AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad

AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad | Image Resource : makecleartrip.com

Spending a few hours at the AP State Archaeological Museum Hyderabad I returned and had a nice Hyderabadi biriyani from a nice restaurant. Eager to explore different places of Hyderabad, I came to know about Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park and resolved to have a walk through it the next day.

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