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Prince of Wales Museum Mumbai : Reflection of Ancient India and Its Pride

October 27, 2014

The pure heritage that is proudly deep seated on the land of Mumbai is well known for its adorable architecture. It’s none other than Prince of Wales Museum Mumbai. I was fortunate to visit the museum after its restoration. It added new galleries and collected some more specimens and exhibits to enhance the features of the museum. Museum is the witness of what our ancestors left for us. I flew to Mumbai with some of the travelling dreams that were unfurling wonderfully till the time I stayed over there. The opportunity given by the museum to know my country with closure was simply honorable. Throughout our life we seek for some good times to be spent with self. It is the way to develop the being within. Since Mumbai was not my first visit I was quiet familiar with the roadways and transportation. It took me no time to reach the museum shortly.

Prince of Wales Museum Mumbai

Prince of Wales Museum Mumbai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The museum is the portrayal of English brickwork with the blended designs of Gujarati and Islamic. This was built in honor of King George V during his visit to India. It took ten long years of struggle and dedication to erect the splendid mansion on the site by the year 1915. Earlier it is said to be the military home of children welfare during the time of First World War. The museum says the story of its happenings. Further the museum was designed to display the artifacts and manuscripts collected from Tibet, India, Nepal and far eastern countries. Unique and unusual small paintings are displayed with nearly 2000 in numbers. Sculpture gallery is the house of ancient sculptures from India. The artifacts of Indus Valley Civilization are beautifully displayed with the remnants of ‘Guptas’ and ‘Maurayas’. Natural history section beholds an assortment of mammals, reptiles, etc. while array of swords, arms and ammunitions are exhibited in another section.

I was entirely impressed by the massive construction of Prince of Wales Museum Mumbai. By the time I would have thought of observing it with patience the thought of Mahalaxmi Temple knocked in my head and I proceeded to it in no time.


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