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Here Are Some of the Delicious Foods of Kochi

June 1, 2014

Kochi is well known for its delicious food, which includes vegetarian dishes as well as a variety of non vegetarian dishes. Being a foodie, I visited many of the restaurants and the dhabas in Kochi and had a taste of various preparations. There were expensive multi cuisine restaurants that served Indian cuisines as well as Chinese, Continental, Italian, Thai and cuisines from various other parts of the globe. Panthal at M. G. Road is an example of such a hotel. Tharavadu is the coffee shop in Hotel Casino and serves you excellent Indian cuisines and dishes from other countries. Renaissance is a multi cuisine family restaurant where you get mouth watering dishes.

Puttu and Kadala

Puttu and Kadala | Image Resource : cdn.sailusfood.com

Besides the expensive restaurants there were many road side dhabas here where you get authentic Kerala food prepared in the traditional way. Every now and then we had food from these restaurants. You get vellayappams with chicken curry or egg curry, puttu and kadala, idiyappams, masala dosa, plain dosa with sambar and chutney, banana fry, vada and lots more. Banana fry tastes excellent and you never get it anywhere else. Every evening we had tea and snacks from the dhaba near our hotel.

Fish curry

Fish curry | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Some of the biriyani preparations in the restaurants were superb and far better than those available in five star hotels. Fish curry of Kochi is something that you must taste when you are in Kochi. Its preparathion is unique only to Kerala and you will never get such a taste elsewhere in India. The fish fry is also delicious. Tapioca prepared with lots of coconut and eaten with fish curry is a specialty here. Once you get a taste of it, you will never forget it in your lifetime. Malabar paratha was another dish that I loved to taste.

There were also places where you get homemade food, especially snacks like vada, appam, achappam, murukku. Laddu, mixture etc. They are made at home and then delivered to bakeries and restaurants. Arya Bhavan in Kochi serves you authentic Tamil cuisines. I also saw many fast food centers in Kochi like Pizza Hut, Hot Breads, Chic King etc. I even saw a Japanese restaurant here.

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