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Recipe For Red Hot Sizzling South Indian Fish Curry!

October 6, 2015

Being a Software Developer by profession, I’m Andy and there are a few things I’m crazy about: - travel, electronic gadgets and cooking. My parents are really happy with the cooking part since they were happy I could take care of myself well in whichever nook and corner I was and also could help at home when needed.

Leaving that apart, what interests me more is the fact that despite my busy schedule, I have found time for cooking recently. It all started on a Sunday afternoon when my Mom had to leave me alone with my younger sister who was preparing for her board exams. I was forced to cook something for her and keep her put.

Here I am writing to you readers how it all turned out to be a great hit than my sisters’ results ☺ I followed some basic instructions I remember Mom performing.

South Indian Fish Curry | Image Resource : 41.media.tumblr.com/

I washed the fish with salt and turmeric for the first shift then with vinegar to wash away the smell. For an authentic pinch I first soaked kokum as a substitute for tamarind in hot water which is of great medicinal value.

A course paste of crushed coriander seeds and red chilies instead of the powders helped me give it an added flavor which cannot be got when readymade powders was used. The washed fished fully polished in vinegar and turmeric then received the tamarind and the coriander paste coating with a little of coconut milk smeared.

I then heated a pan, added oil which I remember my mother saying depends on the size of the fish. Smaller ones are supposed to secrete oil while being cooked, and so I added less oil which made my curry healthy as well as tasty!

Next I added curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, some green chillies and chopped onions. I also added a little bit of salt for the onions to cook fast and turn brown. Finely chopped tomatoes were added and the paste was cooked until it became red and oily.

Just then I placed the marinated fishes on the cooking ingredients and allowed it to get dressed with the contents. Then I added water according to my desired consistency and left the fish to be cooked. Once the fish was all well cooked and the gravy was done, I checked for salt, added 6 teaspoons of coconut oil as a dressing to the sexy looking curry since it was all red and sizzling! And then a few curry leaves and turned down the heat.

Tasting the dish, I was amazed of the fact that I turned out to be such a good cook and realized that how you don’t know you can do some things unless you are forced to do so! The curry became my sister’s favorite but instead of learning, she went to sleep after eating a full stomach of the delicious meal made by her brother!

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