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Hotel 12th Avenue of Bangalore

April 28, 2014

The flight was very comfortable and we reached at the Bangalore international airport within an hour. The checking out procedure took around 40-45 minutes. Meanwhile we were observing the people around us. There were many tourists, some were domestic, while some foreigners. Indian children were shouting and running all around. We were enjoying that as well in those early hours of the day. After checking out, we left for our hotel in the pre-booked cab. The driver told us that our hotel - Hotel 12th Avenue Banglore was at a distance of around 41kms from the airport. We settled ourselves in the Innova car, and headed for the hotel.

Hotel 12th Avenue Bangalore

 Hotel 12th Avenue Bangalore | Image Resource : lh3.googleusercontent.com

The climate was a little cold, but soothing. We reached the hotel in around half hour. The first look at the hotel gave a pleasant feeling. It was a contemporary suite hotel, and was well above our expectations in terms of services. The express check in helped us to quickly complete the formalities and before we could stop ourselves from admiring the décor, we were ushered to our rooms by a very well disciplined staff.

We booked two executive luxury rooms. The rooms were decorated in an elegant way and there were many amenities that were made available in the room. There was a color television, an iron, a mini bar on one side of the room, refrigerator, safe, telephone, DVD player, in-room menu, phone line and satellite TV etc. All in all; it was a total relaxing and well equipped accommodation.

We relaxed for a while and ordered our morning coffee. Meanwhile, we were discussing what facilities of the hotel we were going to make use of. One of my fitness freak friend was so pleased to learn that the hotel has a gym of its own. Two of us went for a stem bath at Hotel 12th Avenue Banglore. We then ordered our breakfast in the room itself. While eating, we were planning our schedule as when and where to start our exploration of the beautiful city. We decided to spend some time and enjoy the luxury of the hotel, and then start our expedition.

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