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The Gateway Hotel, Mangalore - A Class Apart

July 11, 2015

Mangalore is a city, which has many introductions. It is historic city which has preserved the Konkani and Kannada culture for many centuries. The historical heritage is comparable to the cultural heritage. It is also among the most modern cities of the country, being India’s Information Technology Hub.

 Mangalore is the Petrochemical Industries capital of India having the maximum number of such industries. This wonderful city also is the largest and the oldest port in the city and has for centuries provided a market for the transportation of Coffee and Cashew-nuts making India one of the leading exporters of these goods.

The Gateway Hotel Old Port Road | Image Resource : goibibo.com

Mangalore also has a religious significance to Hindus. It is named after the goddess Mangaladevi. The location of city is also fabulous. The city lies close to the beautiful backwaters that are formed by the two rivers of the Western Ghats namely the Netravati and the Gurupura Rivers. The city of Mangalore also has a vast coast of the Arabian Sea. The natural beauty of Mangalore attracts thousands of national and international tourists to this beautiful city. It is popular for its rich biodiversity and clean beaches. They are not at all crowded and you can have a peaceful time.

The Gateway Hotel Mangalore | Image Resource : ebookers.com

The beautiful Gateway Hotel Mangalore is located where at a location where the two rivers Netravati and Gurupura meet each other and form a wonderful confluence. The hotel is a part of a chain of hotels which is popular all across India for its locations. The Gateway Hotel Mangalore is located facing the might of the Arabian Sea and the various activities of the wonderful beaches including rich fishing traditions can be easily observed from the rooms of this famous 4-star hotel.

Romantic Pool View Gateway Hotel Mangalore | Image Resource : ebookers.com

While booking the Gateway Hotel I got the best app for hotel deals. Using online apps allows consumers to find deals which are not only customised but also highly affordable. I do not worry about spending money while travelling but I believe that I should get the level of services that I have paid for. The Gateway Hotel is located 30 minutes away from the international airport and just 5 minutes from the railway station in Mangalore.

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