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Some Fun Facts About Basic Photography

May 22, 2014

I am a software developer and have always been interested in photography. Pictures speak a lot more than words. They help you convey messages without a single word being said. I consider photography an art and am here to share a few facts about principles of basic photography with you.

| Image Resource : digitaltrends.com

Centre Of Interest

You must select the topic or subject which you wish to capture. One image or photograph should have just one centre of interest. If you have a fixed subject, you will be able to focus. This will help to click a good image. A well defined subject helps the viewer understand the image faster.

Subject Placement

Subject should be placed in a location where it attracts attention of the viewer. One possible option is to place the subject at the exact centre. This is an option chosen only by amateurs. This actually divides the picture into two making it uninteresting. The law of thirds is used by photographers to select an interesting location for the object. Another possible option is to place the object in a dynamically symmetric position.


Only good photographers understand that simplicity is the key to good pictures. If the picture is simple, it easily conveys the desired message. Try to convey just one story in one image.


Balance plays a key role in making the picture appear attractive. There are two different types of balance; symmetric or formal balance and asymmetric or informal balance. In either case, balance makes the picture more interesting.

Selecting Themes for Photography

The interest of each person in photography varies distinctly. There are many different themes in photography. You must select a theme based on your interest in photography. There are several options in photography like nature photography, wildlife photography, fashion photography, portrait photography etc. Your choice is completely based on your expertise and taste.

Photography and Social Media

The advanced options in photography and the new gadgets has made it possible to share one’s photographs with the world using various social networks. You can advertise your skills using the social media. There are several websites like Pinterest, Flickr and Photobucket where you can share the images you clicked.

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