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Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Photography

August 6, 2015

Everyone knows that i’m in love with my camera and crazy about taking pictures. I shoot nature, wildlife, puppies, babies, buildings, historical monuments and trees pretty much anything that can be captured by my camera lens.


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In this blog, I will be sharing some advice on how you could improve your photography :

Aperture :

Aperture is the most crucial element to understand for every photographer. There are some situations when you should know how to utilize the different features of aperture. This helps you capture the perfect picture.

Don’t zoom, just move closer :

When it comes to getting closer shots, your feet does the best trick. Hey !!! Do not follow this particular point if you are shooting a crocodile. Believe me, wild animals are “not so camera friendly”.

Move towards the light :

Knowing the environment and how to use the natural light for your advantages is the best quality of an expert photographer.

Be a human camera :

Try to see everything photographically. As a photographer, you should always be looking for a good picture. Even something dusty and ordinary can make a great picture, if you put some thought behind it.

Don’t think too much :

Remember you are not a novelist but a photographer. You capture moment and raw emotions. A good moment may exist only for split seconds. You need to be fast and accurate.

Keep Practicing :

Only practice can make you a better photographer. If you practice daily during different timings, at different locations, using various techniques; you will learn how to capture beautiful pictures.

Stop using flash 24x7 :

The one thing that drives me crazy is flash. You don’t need it majority of the times so stop using flash unnecessary. It can ruin a perfect picture.

Look around :

When you are photographing a particular subject, make sure you look around. Apart from focusing on the subject, you also need to analyse the environment and use it in your picture if possible.

The manual mode :

As a beginner, you should be taking the pictures in manual mode. Such a technique allows you to learn more about your camera and how to use it with basic features.

These are some of my photography tips. I hope it helped you out.Tips & tricks to improve your photography

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