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Phases in software development life cycle

April 11, 2014

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle | Image Resource : jdsoft.in

There are various methods that can be used for creating a software such as iterative model, incremental model, Waterfall model, V-model etc. These methods are known as Software development process models. Every model mentioned above has to follow a life cycle for successful software development.

Models such as Software life cycle consist of different phases that are necessary in the process of software development. Every phase produces resource needed in the next phase. A design is developed based on the requirement. The code is generated according to the design. All these activities comes within the development phase.

After the process of development and coding deliverable are compared against requirements.

These are six common phases in every life cycle of Software development model :

- Identifying and analysis of requirements

- Design

- Coding or implementation

- Testing

- Deployment

- Maintenance

Identifying and analysis of requirements : This phase consist of identifying the business requirements. Stakeholders and project managers are the main focus of this phase. Various meetings are conducted with the users and stakeholders to understand requirements such as What kind of data will be entered into the system? , What kind of data will be received from the system? Who are going to be the target users of the system? How will the users will be able to utilize the system? All such questions are answered during this requirements analysis phase. After these requirements are identified an evaluation is made whether they can be incorporated in the system.

At last, Requirement Specification document is created. This document is used by rest of the phases.

Design : In this phase the Requirement Specification is used to create a software design. The Design phase initiates the next phase.

Coding or implementation : On the basis of the system design documents obtained from the design phase. This phase is divided into modules where codes are developed according to the design specification. This is the longest phase in the software development life cycle.

Testing : Codes developed are test again and again by implementing system testing, unit testing, acceptance testing, integration testing etc.

Deployment : After the product is test is delivered i.e. deployed to the customer for use.

Maintenance : The work of a software developer doesn’t end after deployment. The software delivered must be regularly maintained. If any error develop from the client's end that it’s the responsibility of the developer the correct them.

This completes the life cycle of software development.

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