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Top tips for new software developers

July 5, 2014

I have been programming for the past 10 years now. Yeah, I started when I was 16. My uncle is a programmer and I learnt everything from him. Therefore, I have always been passionate about programming and other IT technologies.

Software Developers

Software Developers | Image Resource : mag-corp.com

All those youngsters learning programming, should take it as a passion and not as something that will fetch you a job. Building software’s for clients is a job, whereas creating innovative applications that affect and improve the lives of others is an art.

Here are some pointers that should be considered by new software developers:

There are different ways to detect and solve your programing issues; which includes solving the problem of one language by incorporating the functionality of other languages or technologies. Experience and knowledge always help you to get out of some very completed jams. It gives you better perspective while handling new projects.

During my college days, I started as an Intern where I worked with DB/2, Lotus Notes/Domino and OS/2 extensively. I had also worked in C, Pascal, and other traditional languages. Although these technologies are not used currently, they helped me in developing my programming skills and interests.

I started with some of the most traditional and basic programming languages. Therefore, when it comes to working on Microsoft .NET, Java and SQL Servers, I’m more than happy. These languages are far more user friendly and easier to use.

Working with such different languages at an early stage in my career has helped build up a strong foundation and think out of the box in certain situations, all thanks to DOMINO. Java made Microsoft .NET simpler for me.

At the end, I will recommend new developers to explore different platforms/languages, strengthen your base and never stick to one language. Every language has its strengths and weaknesses; as a programmer one should know to use them for your benefit.

For example,

Developers working with C# must be well versed with open source options such as Ruby or PHP and web developers must have a better understanding of various frameworks such as Prototype, MooTools rather than stick to JavaScript framework like jQuery. This will greatly help you in the future while you start your career as a consultant where you have to deal with different client's environment and technologies.

These are a few suggestions from me to all those budding IT professional and programming students. Information is one field that keeps on changing and innovating new technologies to make human lives simpler. One thing that I learnt from my seniors (whom I consider my gurus or veterans) is “Never Stop Learning”.

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