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Air Travel from Chennai to Hyderabad by Indigo Airlines – A Perfect Mix of Economy and Comfort Travel

July 8, 2014

Though engineering is my profession, my passion for travelling and taking tours always precedes it. Continuous work pressure simply freaks me out and then I do a vanishing act and find myself making tour and travel plans, either short tour or a long one depending on the available time in hand. As I didn’t have much time I decided to take a short tour from Chennai to Hyderabad. The train travel seemed quite time consuming and tedious so I decided to travel by airline. Now what airline to choose was my problem, so I logged on to the internet and searched for the best possible airlines. My friend suddenly phoned and informed me that Indigo Airlines was offering quite a package and their discounts were also amazing. Many friends suggested me to go for Hyderabad tour package. 

Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines | Image Resource : topnews.in

As I had previously travelled in Indigo Airlines and had been satisfied with their services I decided to make my bookings in it. The flight schedule, booking tickets and all other related information was available on its website and it proved to be quite helpful. I was able to plan my trip in a better and systematic way and was mentally free to decide on the best possible action. Indigo has been awarded the best low-cost airline. It has a new airbus with an arrangement of 180 passengers.

A total of 58 aircraft is operated by the airline, which provides services in 28 cities in India and 5 cities in foreign countries. It offers a total 373 flights. I also checked out Hyderabad tour package to gather more information. On the day of my journey, I first logged onto the website to get the recent update and came to know that the flight was on time. Such relevant details help in saving precious time. My baggage was checked and as it was below 20 kg, and there was no problem. In international flights, the airline offers up to 30 kg of free baggage and the extra baggage is charged at Rs 210/ kg. The on-time flights and professional services to its customers were to admire. The Indigo Airlines staff was very courteous and their hospitality pleased and impressed me. It has been a hassle-free experience, one to be repeated.

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