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Deolo Hill Kalimpong – A Beautiful Location Near to Darjeeling

June 2, 2015

It was my last day at Darjeling and I was feeling little sad to leave this place as Darjeeling is an amazing tourist destination. I could see plenty of tourists from both within and outside the country come to this region to explore nature at its best during seasons. There were many amazing picnic spots in and around Darjeeling and Deolo Hill Kalimpong being one of the favorite sites I planned to visit in Darjeling. 

Deolo Hill is one among the tow major hills in the midst of which the famous town of Kalimpong stands. Kalimpong is located at the ridge connecting these two hills named as the Durpin and Deolo. Deolo Hill is nearly 5590 feet above the seal level, which is also the highest point in the Kalimpong town. Deolo hill is located just northeast of Kalimpong town.

Atop of this hill, there are three water reservoirs, out of which two serve as primary drinking water resource to the entire town. Top hill of Deolo is an excellent viewpoint also from where the surrounding village of Relli valley, the Teesta River and its valleys everything can be viewed as in a beautiful painting canvas. The climate was cool and the breeze was amazing. 

Deolo Hill Kalimpong

Deolo Hill Kalimpong | Image Resource : goholidayplanner.com

It was clear day and I could view the snow-clad mountains of the West Sikkim also from Deolo Hill Kalimpong. Atop of the hill, there is also a park which is having many recreational facilities. I explored the rich flora and fauna on top of Deolo and it skills with many exotic flowers and orchid varieties.

From to of Deolo Hill, I enjoyed the beauty of Relli valley in the backdrop of the snow-clad mountains. The hill top can be reached by vehicle or on foot, and had amazing trekking experience.  Previously, it was not well explored by the tourists; however, lately over the past few years, plenty of tourists from within the country and also outside India who come to Darjeeling explore this place too. As it was my Last destination I returned to my hotel room earlier to pack my things to go back to my routine life.

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