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Elephanta Caves Mumbai : Historical Place with Mythological Carvings

December 30, 2014

After spending a great time in the wild we all went to visit the Elephanta Caves Mumbai which is world heritage site and lies on a small island on the arm of the Arabian Sea. The first group of five caves are Hindu ones and the second group which is comparatively smaller is of two Buddhist. We also learned that a lot of debate was there on the history and origin of the caves but it has not been identified yet and is dated to be built back in 8th century. There we saw many interesting sculptures and paintings and one such was of the Shiva-Parvati which was astonishing as the carvings were extraordinary and seemed that they might come alive any moment. As we moved forward we witnessed more of these beautiful sculptures and later we realized that most were about the life of the god Shiva and his journey as described in the historic books from the wedding to goddess Parvati to lord Shiva dancing in his Natraja position. The sights were beautiful and we all were also able to worship the gods and witness beautiful sculptures and wall carvings as we moved forward.

Elephanta Caves Mumbai

Elephanta Caves Mumbai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We also went inside the smaller caves which housed Buddhist artifacts and sculptures. The carvings and sculptures included Gautam Buddha in various positions and seemed like delivering speeches and it was so real and designed so beautifully that it seemed that he was right in front of us alive. We friends explored all the caves together and we all were happy and excited while moving forward and exploring more and more on the go as the place had us interested all the time. With time in hand we were able to see all the 16 layouts present inside the caves and all of them reminded about the stories about the mythology I had heard from my grandparents at an early age and for once I felt like all of that really happened while witnessing such vivid pictures.

With this we all decided to move out from Elephanta Caves Mumbai as we all got very tired walking on foot all through the cave and needed some rest though the journey here will always be recalled by us as an amazing experience.

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