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Golghar – An Imposing Landmark of the Marvellous City of Patna

September 1, 2015

Patna museum is a very important tourist attraction owing to the variety of collectibles from various eras that it houses. The sculptures, coins, paintings and other items that it stores are gems from the history of Bihar. It was a really knowledgeable trip to the archaeological museum of Patna. Hereafter I was in the mood to explore some more of the historical elements of the city. Hence I set foot towards the Golghar in Patna.
This is a prominent landmark of the beautiful city and is located at the west of the famous Gandhi Maidan. This tourist spot is world renowned due to its historic significance and it visited by numerous tourists from all across the globe every year. Because of its spherical shape this mega structure is named as ‘Golghar’ that means ‘round house’.

Golghar Patna

Golghar Patna | Image Resource : team-bhp.com

Golghar was built by the British army and it used to serve as a granary to the forces. This massive structure was constructed in the year 1786 and was very useful to feed the masses at the time of famines. Warren Hastings the then governor general of British India was perturbed by the death of 10 million people due to the vicious famines of 1770. He therefore ordered the construction of this peculiar dome – shaped structure to store grains for the British residents in India. However this granary was finally constructed by Captain John Garstin. The construction of this structure was finally over on 20th of July in 1786.

The building has dual spiral staircase which has as many as 145 fleet of stair on each side. The staircase was so designed to facilitate the workers to ascend from one side and descend from the other. The panoramic view of the entire Patna city from the top of Golghar is breathtaking. The river Ganges flowing by the city is also visible from the top of the structure. The walls of this store house are 3.6 metres thick to efficiently store grains without being ruined.

Due to its unique architecture the Golghar of Patna unceasingly entices tourists from all over the world. The best time to visit this monument is during the golden hour.

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