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Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary A Haven Of Peace And Beauty!

March 24, 2015

As the sun hit its peak, my next destination arrived. I’ve always had a love for birds even when I was about four years old and my mother gifted me my first parrot. Tatu was my best friend at the time but being the four year old that I was, I couldn’t take care of myself let alone a pet!

The Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary Visakhapatnam was an hour away from the city and my last destination. I had enough time in the cab to look outside the window and capture images of the city fleeting away as the taxi rolled closer to the sanctuary. Though the sun was high, the winds were strong. I knew that my stroll along the park wouldn’t be too difficult.

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary
Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource : trawell.in/

With the second largest lake attached to the park, the entire lake was covered in white lotus. It was the most beautiful site I had seen in my entire visit of this sacred land. The locals were extremely nice and showed me around with an extremely detailed explanation of everything in the park. They when took me on a ride on their boats around the lake for a small fare. The lake was said to be a fresh water lake and the amount of flora and fauna around this majestic waterbody was astounding.

As my cab driver waited for me patiently, I noticed that the entire sanctuary was environment friendly. No plastic was visible for miles and this bought a soft smile to my lips. The birds seemed happy to be living in a clean and hazard free environment and the people too.

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary Vishakhapatnam
Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource : trawell.in/

I knew at first sight of the lake that the sunset will be something I cannot miss. And I sure was right! The sunset from this lake was said to be one of the most beautiful sights and the local guide I was talking to all afternoon said that I couldn’t leave until the sun had set.

These two thousand acres of land brought me peace and a whole lot of happiness. Any nature lover would want to stay at this scenic location at least a day or two!

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