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Kuthyaru Somanatheshwara Temple, Belthangady - A Traditional Retreat

July 21, 2015

The Belthangady district of South Karnataka is not a very popular tourist destination and remains largely unexplored by visitors from other parts of the country. Even though the district is neighbouring to Mangalore the two have completely distinct characters.

It is impossible to relate them if one looks superficially but deep below the glow of development; Mangalore is also a very traditional city sharing several customs and traditions with the Belthangady region. The people of both these regions are most hospitable and hence the potential for development of Belthangady as a tourism destination. The access to the district is not very difficult.

Kuthyaru Somanatheshwara Temple, Belthangady | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

The Belthangady district is a rural area with only 2.7% of its 242,000 people belonging to the urban population according to the 2001 census. The seeds of development were laid long back in this region given its vicinity to Mangalore, a major Indian port city but the region has still remain largely untouched and hence completely natural and traditional. The ways of living have not changed and technology is welcome only in the essential services like health care. People communicate face to face and not via social networking in the homes of Belthangady which is comforting fact.

The vegetation and forestation in the region is dense and most parts are in fact covered with vast forest. A few hundred villages and a handful of suburbs exist in the district. The food is prepared from fresh ingredients and even fresh spices available in these forests. This gives it an incomparable flavour. Many delicacies are steamed in banana leaves over the flame and this also adds a unique character.

The Kuthyaru somanatheshwara temple, belthangady is one among many places of interest in Belthangady. I had wanted to stay in this region for several days but my schedule was very packed so I decided to visit the most popular temple and witness its traditions at Belthangady. The Kuthyaru somanatheshwara temple, belthangady is an ancient structure and has been an integral part of the regions identity. The idols of the Hindu God’s and Goddesses have been skilfully crafted and await critical acclaim from the world and the other parts of the country. The evening Aarti was a satisfying and unique experience.

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