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Last Stop Before I Had To Leave!

April 9, 2015

As the cab rolled up to the last location on my list before I headed back home, I couldn’t help but feel a bit melancholic and I looked out the window to see one of the cleanest beaches I have seen in India and my heart sank a little because deep in my heart I wasn’t ready to leave this amazing city of Visakhapatnam yet!

I stepped out of the vehicle and the smell of the ocean captivated me. The bright blue sea was something I had never experienced before and the waves were calling to me. There was lush greenery on both the sides and the entire location was peaceful and entrancing.

Arch on Beach RoadTenneti Beach Park Visakhapatnam
Arch on Beach Road Tenneti Beach Park Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

For a nature lover like me, this spot was the perfect way to end the trip. I could get in touch with my thoughts and the beauty around for a few hours before I had to leave. The transparent water stretched for as far as my eyes could see and there weren’t too many people at the beach. Tenneti Beach Park in Visakhapatnam was named after a political figure who was an active member in the struggle to free India.

Tenneti Beach Park Visakhapatnam Beach View
Tenneti Beach Park Visakhapatnam Beach View | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

There was a very well planned walkway that stretched all through the length of the beach and it was a very picture perfect location. I had already been clicking pictures of this location and couldn’t get myself to stop. This well planned beach was clean and the road that led to the beach was constructed beautifully. “Unlike the roads back home” I thought to myself as I ventured further.

I asked a man to get a picture of me with the beach behind me. The picture had come out perfectly and that made me question my photography skills. “Was it my skills or just the quality of my camera?” I thought to myself as I looked at the picture and thanked the stranger for the favour.

Tenneti Beach Park Visakhapatnam
Tenneti Beach Park Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

I looked at the view one last time, took all my surroundings in and then half-heartedly walked back into the cab. It was time to leave. It was time to say goodbye to this incredible city. I learnt so much in such a short span of days. I was excited to go back and share my adventures with my family and friends.



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