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Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai : Home to Divinity and Oneness

November 19, 2014

Now what could be more coinciding than this that I planned to visit the duo Lord Ganesha and Goddess Mahalaxmi on the same day? It was a feeling of accomplishment. You would make fun of me when I would say that again it was my destiny. Sometimes you can’t help it saying this. So was I, happy in my own world without thinking what others feel for me. May be I was a foolish chap that was not aware of the fact but I wanted to remain as that. The Goddess of Wealth, Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai is the gateway to prosperity as said by the legend. Who knows what comes into life in what manner? Was this an indication towards my prosperity? So many questions were gushing inside me. But as soon as I entered the shrine it kept me calm with stability.

Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai

Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai | Image Resource : www.mumbailocal.net

More than three centuries old, this temple is one of the heritage of Mumbai. Both tourists and devotees collect here to offer prayers and rituals to the idol of Mahalaxmi. ‘Navratri’ is the season that captures lot of attraction to the people of Maharashtra. Again on Friday you can see the unending queue of the pilgrims heading towards the idol. Its deep seated construction oversees the Arabian Sea with modesty and generosity. This is what a character of a mother. The three of the Goddess Durga, Goddess Mahalaxmi and Shree Mahasaraswati are the legendry idols of this popular temple. I could see the solitary wooden block inside the compound with the altitude of 10.6 meters that is covered with sheets of silver. It is said that during a particular period of Navratra the deities are lightened up with the luminous rays of sun at the time of sun rise.

It was so touching and interesting as well. The throne and the surroundings are gracefully carved and covered with silver sheets that seem dazzling. Spending some time outside the Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai and having some peaceful moments I drove back towards my hotel to rest for the rest of the moments. It was really a divine journey which would be treasured by my forever.

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