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Night Safari At Singapore – A Night To Remember

October 24, 2015

Singapore boasts of the first ever nocturnal zoo of the world and attracts millions of tourists visiting to enjoy the ‘fantastic’ rendezvous at night. The Night Safari was constructed using S$63 million and has been operational since May 1994. It stretches over an area of 865 acres of what is segregated as the secondary rainforest beside the Singapore Zoo.

The Night Safari is a home to a total of 2,500 animals belonging to 130 species that also include a substantial 38 per cent endangered ones. Managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Night Safari enjoys a footfall of 1.1 million visitors every year.

Entrance In Night Safari At Singapore

Entrance In Night Safari At Singapore | Image Resource : livelimitless.net

The Night Safari offers an open-air environ and the visitors can explore the entire tropical forest which is divided into seven geographical zones either by tram or by foot through the four walking trails.

The visitors can expect to get glimpses of Indian rhinoceros to tarsiers that are made visible through artificial lighting that resembles moon light. The natural environment are conducive of the animals natural breeding and are separated from the visitors through natural barriers such as cattle grids, metal sheets, moats that look like streams and rivers, hot wires resembling twigs et al.

The major highlight include cultural performances such as tribal dances, fire eating displays and blowpipe demonstration. Even the animals put up a show named ‘Creatures of the Night Show.’ The Night Safari has a number of food and beverages outlets that provides good refreshment for the visitors.

Night Safari At Singapore

Night Safari At Singapore | Image Resource : singapat.blogspot.in

The Night Safari is the winner of many awards for being the best leisure experience for the family. It is a treat for kids and adults alike. The night comes alive with all the animals and the various shows that take place in the Night Safari.

The entire night is spent among some of the best inmates that share the planet with us. Their demeanor is very sincere and the purity of their soul is evident through their eyes. The heart gets refreshed with such innocent creature that are far better from the deceitful nature of the human being we live with.

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