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Panambur Beach - A Recluse from the Heat

July 7, 2015

The beaches of Mangalore are unique and their character cannot be explained with mere words. In order to experience the real colours of a Mangalore beach it is important that you visit it with a mind which has a desire to experience leisure, fun and the serenity of nature.

 If you are adventure maniac like me, the beaches of Mangalore are a bit contradictory to your character but you will experience something which cannot be replicated anywhere else. The beaches have unending vastness and serenity. The organisation is immaculate and local administration has taken a deep interest in the development of these beaches as tourism destinations of international standards.

Panambur Beach Mangalore

Panambur Beach Mangalore | Image Resource : mangaloretips.com

The Panambur Beach is a highly popular beach in Mangalore. It has been known to be tourist destination since the colonial era. People have come to the Panambur Beach as a recluse from their busy lives. The biggest proponent of tourism at the Panambur Beach has to be its resorts. In the early days of development, people had to come only for short stays to the beach due to lack of quality accommodation in the nearby areas. World class resorts and hotels are now mostly located close to the Panambur Beach.

I visited the Panambur Beach because I am a photography lover. I like to try my new gadgets at new location to take pictures which can create magic and are literally worth a thousand words. It is important for me to travel to destinations around the world to get the perfect clicks for my collection. The sunset at the Panambur beach was a great opportunity for me to test my new lenses. I took several shots and the fabulous background of the Arabian Sea became my frame.

The rising waves filled our hearts with joy and our soul with energy. We could feel the energy of sea moving within us. This energy is not overpowering, it has a depth and calmness about it. Finally I returned to my hotel with a heart full of memories and many plans for the next part of journey in Mangalore which has just began to take new twists and turns.

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