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Pawapuri Jain Temple – The Holiest Shrine for a Devout Jain in Patna

September 12, 2015

The architecture of Golghar is very peculiar and continues to draw tourists from all around the world. I cannot forget the view of the entire city of Patna including the Ganges River from the top of this mega monument of British time in India.

I also clicked a couple of pictures this panoramic view to keep the memories of my visit intact. Hereafter the next destination that I visited in Patna was the Pawapuri also known as Apapuri. It is one of the most sacred shrines for devout Jains from all over the world.

Pawapuri Jain Temple

Pawapuri Jain Temple | Image Resource : esamskriti.com

Located at a distance of 38 kilometres from the city of Rajgir and at a distance of around 101 kilometres from the city of Patna the Pawapuri temple is visited by thousands of Jain pilgrims all the year round. It is really a very soulful and spiritual place. It is believed that all the sins of people end by visiting this pious shrine.

The Apapuri Jain temple has great religious as well as historical significance as it is the place where the founder of Jainism and the last Tirthankar Lord Mahavira took his last breath. His mortal remains were cremated here in the 500 B.C.

According to common belief it is said that the demand for his ashes was so high that it led to digging up of so much of soil from the vicinity of his cremation that a water tank was created at his funeral pyre and the region surrounding it.

Later on the Jalmandir was built at the centre of this tank. The Jalmandir is made up of white marble and is now the most sacred place of pilgrimage for the followers of Jainism. The beauty of the Jalmandir when it reflects the soothing silver moonlight is inexpressible in words. The reflection of this structure on the still water of the tank is truly splendid and sublime.

Samosharan is another Jain temple that is located in the vicinity of Pawapuri. The best time to visit this monument is from the month of October to march when the weather is also quite soothing in Patna.  

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