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Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai : The Best Place to Witness a Few Endangered Species

December 9, 2014

I had my schedule cut out early and the next in line was the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai. I was actually crazy about witnessing the animals out in the wild as they look the best when they move about freely without any fear and concerns. It is located within the metropolis limit and is of 104 km square in area. It is known to attract more than a million tourists every year and the Kanheri Caves are also located within them which is a Buddhist learning Centre.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The best part of having this park is that the flora and fauna purifies the polluted air produced by the city and brings down the pollution level. The place stole my interest as it housed some of the endangered flora and fauna and one amazing plant I came across was the Karvi which is known to flower once in seven years in its lifetime which is quite extraordinary. Among the animals I was able to spot a variety of deer and luckily a leopard which are very tough to find in the wild. While crossing the rivers I was able to witness the dangerous crocodiles and a few species of snakes lying carefree near the river bed.

I also spotted many birds and they included the kingfishers and woodpeckers which looked very beautiful and the DLSR camera helped me to snap a few pictures with ease and without disturbing the wildlife. I felt joyful to take the toy train ride in the park and the guide also let me know about the problems the animals faced in form of forest fires and poachers who are blinded by money and don’t care about the dying species one bit. Another major attraction was the lion-tiger ride in which I was left to get onto a bus and it took us though a road where a few lions could be spotted roaming in the wild and it was a beautiful sight to watch the big cats move freely.

The journey to Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai was an amazing one and I was looking forward to move ahead and visit a few places with ancient touches as they also excite me a lot.

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