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Sentosa Underwater World Singapore – A Dive Into The Treasure Land!

December 12, 2015

The underwater world is so awe inspiring that the very thought of it gives me goose bumps. The world beneath the sea is like a treasure world to me filled with beautiful aquatic animals and plants that are as much the part of the world as the humans. A glimpse of that underwater world is like a dream come true.

Sentosa Underwater World is also known as Underwater World Singapore. It is an Oceanarium set on the offshore of Sentosa, a Singaporean island. Operational since 1991, it is home to more than 2,500 marine animals belonging to 250 species from all over the world.

Sentosa Underwater World Singapore

Sentosa Underwater World Singapore | Image Resource : allwonders.com

Sentosa Underwater World organizes a number of educational programs namely the Coral Club, Ocean Ambassador Program and the Living in the Ocean Program. The Underwater World facilitates a number of ocean themed events. Underwater adventures in the Dolphin Lagoon offer adventure sports such as Marine Discovery, Dive with the Sharks and Swim with the Dolphins.

The Dolphin Lagoon houses the famous pink dolphins. Several entertaining sessions such as Meet-the-Dolphin sessions facilitates visitors to interact with the dolphins while standing in waist deep water. Many other dolphin performances are held to enthrall the visitor.

The underwater world is so enthralling that it touches the heart. It is a silent world full of visual treats and casts a spell on the beholder. It is a dream world with clear blue water and beautiful fishes and other water animals floating around. There are corals and oysters lying all around the sea bed. The rocks covered with green moss, the beautiful underwater plants make up for a magical world. Did a mermaid just peek-a-boo from behind the rock?

Science says that the first living creature came from the underwater which went through several stages of evolution before it took the human form. So can we say, this gives us a chance to visit the very place where evolution started? The very thought of it gives me goose bumps. On second thoughts, I pondered upon the fact that life had been so full of peace and tranquility for these first ever species which later developed into human being. Pure bliss!  

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