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St. Patrick’s Church Siddakatte Bantwal - A Satisfying Experience

July 14, 2015

St. Patrick’s Church is a beautiful tourist destination in the heart of the Mangalore city at Siddakatte Bantwal. The church has been an inspiration for many such structures over the centuries built in the region.
A place of worship is important for the gluing of any societies. Over the history of mankind a need for religion has been closely associated with the need for a common platform for societies to come together. People may have difference in opinion but all religions have one aim in common that is to bring men and women from all spheres of life irrespective of their status in the society together.

The history of Christianity in India has been long and rich. It has acquired millions of followers in our country because of its simplicity and its ability to connect people together. The St. Patrick’s Church is located at Siddakatte Bantwal which is a very busy part of the city of Mangalore.

St. Patrick’s Church Siddakatte Bantwal | Image Resource : google.com

It is located just 7 km away from the hotel Gateway at which I have been staying for my trip to Mangalore. I reached the Church using the highly efficient bus network of Mangalore. This bus network is also a major contributor towards the success of the city as tourism and an IT hub. It is important for other tourist spots in the country to follow this efficient model.

The markets at Siddakatte were also an attraction. Many affordable food items and decorative pieces were on sale on the streets like any other busy city in India. The street food of Mangalore has a unique character. It is not spicy but still it is not blunt in any way. It has freshness about it. The crisp dosas and tender rice balls of Mangalore are quite different than other parts of Karnataka.

Finally I was excited to see the beautiful architecture of the Italian and Portuguese origin at the ST. Patrick’s Church. The murals on the walls were extravagant to say the least. I had the opportunity to attend the afternoon mass of the church which was flooded by hundreds of followers of the church. A feeling of divine realisation passed through my body during the mass. 

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