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Tannirbhavi Beach Mangalore - Enjoy the Vastness of the Arabian Sea

June 30, 2015

I am a software developer and working in an IT firm often takes a toll on you. Even though I love my job and I am very passionate about it, the work hours become extremely crowded and there is just no leisure time available during the weekdays.

 I am young and energetic and hence I believe that working hard in my most productive years is the best for me, bust whenever I have some time in my hands I like to let myself loose and have some fun with my friends. I have a huge friend circle and they have similar taste in terms of tripping.

Tannirubhavi Beach, Mangalore

Tannirubhavi Beach, Mangalore | Image Resource : tourmet.com

The Tannirbhavi beach is one among the many popular beaches of Mangalore. The people of Mangalore are very close to nature and the best thing about this city is its cleanliness. I have long believed that government drives for hygiene and cleanliness cannot be effective without a change in the people’s mindset. If the people love cleanliness, the place remains clean. Mangalore is a perfect example of this line of thought. Its beaches are among the cleanest in India and hence attract national and international tourists alike.

The Tannirbhavi Beach is located 7 km from the city center and can be reached easily by road. This long beach can be accessed from different parts of the city via buses. The bus 1A is mentionable in this regard. The Bus 16A took me from the Sultan Battery to the Tannirbhavi beach. The beach has a unique character. It is never overcrowded and hence is the perfect place to spend a reclusive and isolated evening enjoying the bliss of solitude in the arms of Mother Nature. One can enjoy the calm Arabian Sea from this wonderful beach.

Tannirubhavi Beach

Tannirubhavi Beach | Image Resource : trodly.com

Many food stalls are also located on the west end of the Tannirbhavi Beach. The food celebrates the unique spices and flavours of Karnataka. The local variations of freshly prepared dosa are also available in many of these stall. Cold beverages are also abundantly available. A proper parking space has been built to avoid any rush on the beach.

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