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The Beautiful White Marble Majesty – Jalmandir Temple Patna

September 15, 2015

As I visited the Pawapuri shrine of Patna that is renowned as the most famous and pious place of worship for devout Jains the next destination that I visited was the Jalmandir. This beautiful temple is located in the vicinity of the Pawapuri temple which is the place where the last Tirthankar and founder of Jainism, Lord Mahavir departed his mortal body. This holy Jain site is located in the district Nalanda in the state of Bihar. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions and sacred religious shrines of East India.

Located at a distance of approximately 38 kilometres from Rajgir the Jalmandir is a unique piece of architectural excellence. The temple is not located in Patna but one has to travel about 101 kilometres away from the main city to reach this holy temple. The temple has a historic significance as it draws its roots from the 2600 years old ancient Bihar. During this time Pawapuri was one of the two capitals of the Magadha kingdom. Historically this region was known as Apawapuri or Madyama Pawa.

Jalmandir Temple Patna

Jalmandir Temple Patna | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

The temple Jalmandir holds a very interesting backdrop. It is believed that the founder of Jainism Lord Mahavira stayed at Pawapuri and was cremated at the same place. After his cremation there was such great demand for his mortal relics that devotees dug out huge volume of earth from his cremation spot in search of his ashes. So much of soil was dug out in the process that a pond was created at this place.

View of Jalmandir Temple Patna

View of Jalmandir Temple Patna | Image Resource : tariqtalks.com

Presently a magnificent marble temple is erected in the centre of this pond. The pond is called the Lotus pond. A rectangular platform or island was built in middle of this pond on which the Jalmandir stands with all its grandeur. In the vicinity of the Pawapuri temple another temple called the Samosharan is also built. It was at this location that Lord Mahavira delivered his last teachings to his disciples.  
The whole region has a very positive and soothing aura. The environment around the Jalmandir is very calm and offers a sublime sense of spirituality. Due to its rich historical background thousands of tourists visit this pious establishment from all parts of the globe.

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