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The Sultan Battery - A Confluence of Natural and Manmade Beauty

June 22, 2015

There are very few places in India like Mangalore. The state of Karnataka is a unique place in terms of the fact that even though its people are quite connected thought their culture and heritage they are also extremely tolerant towards other cultures.

This tolerance has also helped the people of the state to accept modernization of this era. Mangalore being a port city was a naval and military hub for subsequent kingdoms and rulers. The Mughals at first neglected the South and could not establish themselves there but post the rule of Akbar a surge in colonization of the South begun.

Tipu Sultan was a popular leader of his time. His administration was loved by the people and the tales of his valour are still popular in colloquial communication. People of his time believed in his abilities and supported hi, even though he was not very tolerant in terms of religion in his early days but later he realised that unity of Indi was its biggest strength and the path to its prosperity. The Sultan Battery is a symbol of Tipu Sultan’s intolerant past and his ultimate glory.

Sultan Battery Mangalore

Sultan Battery Mangalore | Image Resourcre : commons.wikimedia.org

The building is a site of contradictions. It was built from the stones of the 23 churches that Tipu Sultan broke down during his early rule and yet it stood as a watch house and military base which protected all residents of his empire irrespective of their religion against foreign enemy. This is a message for our contemporary leaders that whatever be our internal differences we must stand united in front of the world preserving and protecting our identity and heritage.

The Sultan Battery has become a very popular tourist destination because of it s isolation. The architectural marvel is surrounded by natural masterpieces. The wilderness calls you and the fort has come in unison with its surroundings today. The basement of the fort was used as a weapons store mainly to store gunpowder. The view from the roof is spectacular and was strategically relevant during the Sultanate rule. The vastness of the Arabia Sea can be enjoyed at its best from the top of this marvellous building.

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