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The Venkataramana Temple, Belthangady - A Divine Experience

July 25, 2015

The Belthangady district in Southern Karnataka is known for its temples and rich traditions. The people of the region are devoting followers of Hinduism and more than anything believe in the strength and benevolence of god.

The people are extremely traditional in their approach towards life and are completely connected to nature. It is impossible for them to experience a single day without thanking god and his creations on earth for the resources they bestow upon human beings. The Venkataramana Temple is a realisation of this sentiment of the people of Belthangady. Belthangady has numerous temples and each has a unique character in terms of architecture, traditions and the overall experience.

In my short trip to Belthangady I realised a couple of things which I believe will stay with me for a very long time in my life. It is not possible for city dwellers like me to stay in touch with nature and thank the almighty for all the blessings that he showers over us. I also realised that staying close to nature does not mean that one cannot enjoy the fruits of development and technology.  If one intends to enjoy the wonders of creation he/she must come at unison with themselves.

Sri Venkataramana temple in Belthangady was established a century years ago by the Rayyappa family of Belthangady. The temple has been the main place of worship for hundreds and thousands of Hindu families in the close areas of the Belthangady district. People from other neighbouring districts also visit the Sri Venkataramana temple in Belthangady in search for divine blessings. The faith of the people in Sri Venkataramana who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is immense and this faith have kept the devotees coming to this temple for over a century.

Sri Venkataramana Temple Belthangady | Image Resource : gsbvenkataramanalaila.com

The faith in the temple is not only thing that attracts tourists from all over the country to this temple. The ceremonies are also unique and extravagant. The people of Belthangady are ready to devote all their time money and energy to the service of the Lord Venkataramana. I joined the locals in an Aarti session and then took a trip of the grand premises of this beautiful temple for a divine experience.

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