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The Wonderful Buddhist Location In Vizag!

April 6, 2015

The land is a mix of many cultures and religions and this made me happy. I have always loved when religions that have difference in opinions can come together and reason. The bojjana konda Visakhapatnam was my next stop and it was a Buddhist location near a small but charming village called Sankaram.

This location was situated about fort five kilometres away from the main city but the amount of history that is embedded in this location took away all of my travel sickness. All the sculptures were said to date back to the forth and ninth century AD. This was the time the three phases of the Buddha thrived. The rock cut carvings and exquisite artistry displayed was mindboggling and wonderful at the same time.

Bojjana Konda Vishakhapatnam
Bojjana Konda Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource : workshopdestination.com/vishakhapatnam/index.html

Archaeological sources say that goddess Hariti is found at the foot of the hill. The trek to this location was exceptionally fun and I got to see sugarcane farming and a beautiful lush green courtyard at the end of my trek.

Visakhapatnam is world famous for its monuments that date back centuries and this was by far the best kept and maintained structure that I had seen. The carvings were beautiful and the view from the hill was exquisite.
Since it was my last day in the city and I had to catch a plane back in the same airline I came in on the next day, I still had a little more ground to cover.

Lord Buddha Statue at Bojjana Konda
Lord Buddha Statue at Bojjana Konda | Image Resource : workshopdestination.com/

I had lost sight of my cab driver and thankfully had his number on my phone. I called him up and asked him to come to the entrance. I think he could sense my hunger from my feeble voice and tired face because as soon as I got in, he told me he would take me to the nearest restaurant called Brindhavan. He said they serve food that was very authentic and as he spoke of the restaurant a slow smile lit awaiting the pleasures that lay ahead!

After lunch, my last stop for the day before heading back to the hotel and packing up for my journey back to Chennai was Tenneti Beach Park.

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