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Tiger Hill Darjeeling – A Must Seen Destination for Darjeeling Tourists

April 23, 2015

My first destination was the Tiger Hill which is a major destination in Darjeeling, it is famous tourist town in the state West Bengal, India. I heard that Tiger Hill Darjeeling attracts the tourists by offering a panoramic view of the mighty Everest and also Mount Kangchenjunga, the two highest peaks in the Himalayan range. The guide informed that tourists from all over the world come to enjoy this amazing sight.

The Tiger Hill is located nearly 11 kilometers from the Darjeeling town center. I booked a jeep to reach the place. There are no other transportation such either by jeep, which can be arranged from the town, or by foot through Chowrasta, Alubari which is the oldest tea plantation here, or through Jorebangla. There is a steep climb to reach to the summit, and the journey took nearly two hours as it was a a relaxed pace. However, the unforgettable sights on top are really worth this effort.

Tiger Hill Darjeeling
Tiger Hill Darjeeling | Image Resource : gatewaytoeast.blogspot.in/

People always talk about the stunning views of Everest ad Kanchenjunga as well as the mind-boggling sight of sunrise from Tiger Hill. In fact, above all these, the summit of Tiger Hill itself is a real fascination to explore. Tiger Hill, along with offering the rapidly color changing of the snow peaks, the hill top itself is a destination which can offer you the serenity and charm of a mighty Himalayan peak during the entire day.

Tiger Hill is the highest point in the Darjeeling area, which is at a height of 2590 meters. The best season to visit Tiger Hill Darjeeling is during October to December, when you can experience nature at its best around this place. The general summer months like March or April is also a good season to visit the place.

To view the sunrise, I started around 3:30 am from the town. Also you have to keep in mind that Darjeeling's weather may change at anytime. Fog and mist may play the mystical game and block your views any time. The ticket rates at the watch tower were ground level Rs. 20/- per person, first floor Rs. 30/- and top which offers the most comfortable view Rs. 40/- etc.

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