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An Affordable Way to Travel - Train Journey from Chennai to Mangalore

June 11, 2015

Mangalore is a city in southern Karnataka, which is one of oldest port cities in our country.  I am a software developer and information technology is my passion. It is important for me to stay in touch with the latest developments in the field and also clear my mind once in a while. Given the busy schedule that I have, it is important for me to get away from the daily rush and enjoy serenity with my friends. My concept of a vacation is simple; it is all about exploring new things in life and finding new friends.

Mangalore Express | Image Resource : bhatkallys.com

Adventure and fun are two things that I look out for during any trip. Every weekend is an opportunity for a short trip according to me and my friends. I like to make short unplanned trips and the speed is important for me. I am quite an impulsive person and my plans are often quite flexible and instant. This time when I decided to travel to Mangalore; I did not have any time to get a plane ticket and hence, I went in for a Chennai-Mangalore train reservation. I got a first class ticket, which is still affordable when compared to an air ticket when booked in the final hours.

Mangalore Central Railway Station | Image Resource : thehindu.com

Mangalore is easily approachable by train. The Mangalore Central railway station is a major hub in the Western Ghats region. The city is located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats and good train access is necessary to support transportation of goods and services form this port city to the rest of the country. Mangalore is also an important IT Hub and therefore, many young people regularly visit Mangalore from Chennai via the Mangalore Express train which has a train number 12685.

The Mangalore Express is a very popular train on the Chennai-Mangalore route and runs every day. The train starts from Chennai Central station at 5 pm in the evening which is a very suitable time and then arrives at Mangalore Station at 9:05 am the next day morning. The journey is a comfortable night travel and the great suspensions of this train provide comfort. The distance between the two stations is 889 km.

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