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Bangalore Fort – An Alibi of Past

May 11, 2014

After enjoying to our fullest at the Nandi Hills, we headed for the Bangalore fort, which is located just opposite to the city market.On reaching there, it was evident that what we were seeing was only tiny remains of what stood as sprawling fort and an important landmark of the past. We bought the tickets at the gate and entered inside to witness some shreds of our history.

Entrance Of Bangalore Fort

Entrance Of Bangalore Fort | Image Resource : wordpress.com

The Bangalore Fort was initially built by Kempe Gowda as a mud fort. He was also the founder of the Bengluru city. Later, the fort was expanded by Tipu Sultan. Inside the fort were rooms that were used in ancient times by the great ruler Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali to cage the British prisoners. The fort was no doubt a witness to the many human torrents including the Mysore wars when the fort was finally taken over by the East India Company.

Bangalore Fort Front View

Bangalore Fort Front View | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We could see three of the then iron knobs on the doors. They were massive and artistic. The arches of the fort were also beautifully carved, bringing into notice as soon as one enters the fort. There were more work of art like the inscribed minarets and paintings reflecting the Islamic influence. There were spikes on the main doorway, to prevent it being opened using elephants. No doubt, the fort once was homage to a thick military army.

However, we could see improvisation in the existing fort, the major part of the fort has lost its identity.

Bangalore Fort Inside View

Bangalore Fort Inside View | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We were moving inside the entire fort admiring the techniques and artistic approach of our ancient rulers. The work of that time is usually majestic and still fascinates people after hundreds of years of their construction. One of my friends was explaining us about the third Mysore war fought between the East India Company and Tipu Sultan that finally resulted in a breach in the fort. However, as a part of the treaty, the fort was restored by Tipu Sultan, but for some reason, he dismantled large parts of this fort. We viewed the entire fort along with these historical clips narrated by friends.

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