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Birdwatchers' Field Club Of Bangalore - A Group Dedicated Towards Birds.

May 5, 2014

From the Bangalore fort, we came back to hotel and relaxed for the rest of the day. We enjoyed the delicious meals and had rest. The next day, we visited the birdwatchers' field club of Bangalore.

Bangalore is no doubt an action filled city. There are numerous interesting activities for almost everyone; whether it is Trekking, Bird watching, photography, Volunteering, Theater, or anything. Likewise there is a birdwatchers’ fields club which is actually a forum for the spread of information related to the birds.

White Cheeked Barbet Bird

 White Cheeked Barbet Bird | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

This group is very dynamic in carrying out mid-winter waterfowl censuses. This club has also been involved in an assessment of wetlands that are present around Bangalore in association with the Forest Department of the Karnataka state. The results in turn helped in putting forward the action plans for conservation of wetlands and in highlighting the importance of these wetlands in urban cities.The club has recorded about 350 species of birds in the Bangalore region itself. Out of these, around 60 bird species can be seen easily.

We also grabbed our cameras and headed for the meeting of this informal organization and then visited some birding locations of and around Bangalore. The first site was the Lal bagh Botanical garden which provided garden as well as wetland habitat for the birds. The group was providing a lot of knowledge about the environment required for the various species of the birds to thrive and increase in number. They were so well aware with the lifecycle of so many species of birds and enriched us with the same. We clicked a number of beautiful pictures of the birds and captured their small movements of sitting, expanding their colorful wings, eating, interacting with the like ones and so on. It was a very delightful experience. The group also explained us about the importance of these creatures in maintaining a normal ecosystem, and that what we can do on our part to make these birds flourish. We further explored a few more places with the group. It was an enlightening as well as contented trip. We returned in the evening and relaxed at the room.

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