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Charmadi Ghat Belthangady - Biding Adieu to Mangalore

July 31, 2015

The city of Mangalore had so much in store for me that I could not capture it all. It is easy t believe from the outside that Mangalore is mega city with a busy work culture. It is by all means the biggest industrial hubs of the country being relevant both the Information Technology industry and to the Petrochemical industry.

It is also the biggest port city in the Arabian. As a naval base it has immense strategic importance in terms of national defence. The port has been used for many centuries and has seen both the golden days and the days of atrocities. The city has matured as a whole and its people have set examples of fraternity for the entire country.

Charmadi Ghat Belthangady | Image Resource : i.ytimg.com

The suburban district of Belthangady was also a major part of my trip to Mangalore. It is located 30 km to the south of Mangalore and is easily accessible by road. The bus service in Mangalore is exceptional in terms of punctuality and comfort. The prices are kept affordable by the state government so that the bus service can be used by the poorest of the poor. In a country like India all services must be framed so as to support the weakest sections and establish liaises fair.

The tourism industry of Mangalore is well complimented by the wilderness and natural beauty of Belthangady. The Belthangady forests have a rich collection of flora and fauna and need preservation. This has been done by the local people very well and the integrity both in terms of culture and natural heritage. My final site for the trip to Mangalore was the Charmadi Ghat in Belthangady. The Gurupura river banks are serene and rich with alluvial soil. The Belthangady forests are irrigated by this mighty river and the Charmadi Ghat was built to worship this divine river.

The people of Belthangady worship their natural resources like rivers because they believe that it is by their grace that their civilization is prospering. The harmony between man and nature is the best for both their existence. Man is dependent of nature in every possible way and in return man must preserve it for generations to come.

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