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Cubbon Park – A Peaceful Place

April 25, 2014

From the very inspiring Government Museum, we headed for the Cubbon Park which was located close to the museum. In this lively and never resting cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, there is a paradise for nature lovers in the form of the lush green “Cubbon Park”. A lot of people come here to relax under the shade of the huge trees spreading their branches with birds chirping all around, or to walk around and rejuvenate amid the colorful flowers. The place is worth visiting for everyone. The loveliness of the park is so influencing that people have started calling Bangalore as the 'Garden City' of India, after visiting it. The park was esta

blished in the year 1864 and is named after Sir Mark Cubbon, the then commissioner of Bangalore.

Cubbon Park Bangalore

Cubbon Park Bangalore | Image Resource : asia-trip.info

Cubbon Park is sited in the core of the city spreading over 250 acres of land. Incorporated in its beauty are the beautifully maintained Rose Gardens, an aquarium house housing a variety of fishes, and a public library. We adored the beautiful roses, there were so many of them. In the vicinity was a museum and art gallery.

The lush green garden holds a variety of trees like the Ashoka, Pine, Tamarind, Gulmohar, Bamboo, Mango etc.A variety of colorful flowers were planted around the garden and different structures, and equally beautiful butterflies were hovering over them. It was all so soothing and captivating. In the artificial pond were the ducks quacking and Indian hens were also moving around. Many other birds like kuckoo, kingfisher, bee-eater could be sited there.

Toy Train At Cubbon Park Bangalore


Toy Train At Cubbon Park Bangalore | Image Resource : globalfunbook.com

An amusement park is present on the other side of the entrance with a variety of playing equipments for the children. A toy train was also working which was encircling the garden. We wanted to move around in the amusement section but elders are not allowed in that park unless accompanying their children.

There were also displayed a number of statues giving a subtle greatness to the park.

We were so relaxed on visiting this park. The fragrance of flowers was adding to the peacefulness of the environment. More and more people were now leaving the park as the darkness of the night was spreading.

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