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Divine Beauty At The Hilltop : Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam!

April 1, 2015

As I got comfortable in the cab for my next journey, the skies had just started to get its usual shade of golden. I ate a hearty breakfast from the hotel restaurant and set out in high spirits. The travel desk suggested I visit the exquisite Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam today. The staff told me a little bit about the place and suggested that it was a hilltop park that covered three hundred and eighty acres of land.

It was also awarded the best tourist spot by the government of Visakhapatnam in the year 2003 and the only thought that occurred to me as the hilltop park came into sight was that the land sure lives up to the title awarded to it.

As I walked around lazily taking in everything that was in my way, I suddenly stopped as a breath taking view of the Bay of Bengal came into vision. The park has a sense of positive energy and I instantly was put in a better mood than I was. There was a toy and rope way that added to the beauty and fun of the park.

Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam

Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : plus.google.com/

I paid the required fee of about hundred rupees and went on the rope way. To add to all the scenic things I had seen over the past few days, a huge statue of Lord Shiva stood tall. As a Shiva believer, the white statue took my breath away. I offered a silent prayer and carried on my journey.

It was said to be a picnic spot and I only wished I had known this earlier. I would have packed myself a nice picnic and sat on this blissful hill for hours. It was pointed out that many filmmakers choose this location for scenes to add to the beauty of the movie.

There was a toy train attraction at the top of the hill that cost forty rupees and was for kids under the age of ten. I looked at a few girls and boys having the time of their life on that train and I wished I could be ten again.

It was time to leave; my stomach had its own way of reminding me about the time!

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