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Government Museum – An Interaction with the Past

April 21, 2014

After witnessing the marvel of the Someshwara Temple, we all headed towards another well known place of the city of Bangalore- The Government Museum Sited on the Kasturba Gandhi marg,the Government Museum of Bangalore is considered amongst the oldest museums in India. The Museum was built in the year 1876, near to the outstanding Cubbon Park, with its main building designed by Colonel Sankey.

With time, a number of attached wing zones were constructed and added to this main building to expand the museum. Though constructed in the year 1876, the museum was made accessible for public viewing in the year 1886 only.

Government Museum Bangalore

Government Museum Bangalore | Image Resource : walkthroughindia.com

We reached the museum with expectations to view some marvelous artifacts of the past. The Government Museum had two floors for exhibition that were then further categorized in to eighteen galleries. These galleries were divided into sections according to the exhibits like geology, natural history, sculpture, art and numismatics. We went through all the sections and were fascinated. Being an admirer of history, I was enjoying the place to the fullest. The museum had many precious collections like that of ancient coins, which were so different from what are used today, but are the initiators of today’s coins; there were relics that belong to the Indus valley civilization, mainly Mohenjodaro, Halebid and Vijayanagar.

Some relics were more than 5000 years old and were preserved safely in the museum. Government Museum also housed many prehistoric artifacts that belong to the Neolithic period. These artifacts were carefully retrieved after the excavations done at the region of Chandravalli. It felt like we were having a face to face

interaction with the life that existed thousands of years ago.

There were many other items that were displayed inside the Government museum that included a collection of rich South Indian jewelry, charming stones, precious inscriptions, icons, paintings, coins, miniature paintings, sculptures, textiles, etc. We moved around all the section looking the display items and talking about how that artifact must have been used. We spent a lot of time there and moved out only when it was time to close the museum.

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