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Someshwara Temple - A Striking Example of Ancient Architecture

April 18, 2014

After filling ourselves with the delicious breakfast at the hotel, and having a chit chat time, we planned to visit the Someshwara Temple of Bangalore.

The Someshwara temple is situated in the Ulsoor area and is one of the oldest monuments in this city. The actual history of the temple is unknown ;some say that this temple is built by the Yelahanka nada Prabhus, while this is also prevalent that the temple was built by the Cholas in the 10th century and was renovated by the king Yelahanka nada.

Someshwara Temple Bangalore

Someshwara Temple Bangalore | Image Resource : 2.bp.blogspot.com

We reached the temple and were awed by its beautiful architecture. The temple is rightly said to be a striking example of ancient architecture and affection to art. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva, who is worshipped here with complete devotion and respect. However, prayers are also offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma here. We were all admiring the beautiful construction standing in front of us as an alibi of ancient talent. The shrine of the temple is a masterpiece, a piece of magnificent architecture. As we all were engineers, we were amazed at the knowledge and art of our ancestors to build such a huge and inspiring architecture.

Someshwara Temple Bangalore

Someshwara Temple Bangalore | Image Resource : 4.bp.blogspot.com

We entered the temple and could see a large number of ornately carved pillars inside the temple’s premise. The pillars are well acknowledged not only for their beauty, but the fact that these pillars generate the sounds of harmonious musical instruments when tapped. There were also some antique scriptures emblazoned on the walls. Amongst one of the most striking feature of this temple was the “Rajgopuram”- the temple tower and the “Dhwajastambha”- a gigantic pillar that is positioned exactly in front of the temple.

There are many sculptures housed in the temple that depicts the story of King Ravana of Lanka who lifted Mount Kailasha in a summit to influence Lord Shiva and to permit him to permanently settle down in his kingdom. There are many other carvings of Goddess Durga ,  girija kalyana (the holy wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvathi) and many more. The place was truly divine and inspiring.

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