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Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi is full of Fun

May 28, 2014

Wonderla is one of the best water theme parks in Kerala and visited by a large number of tourists from all over India. It is located at Pallikara, about 15 km from the city and is easily accessible by car and bus. We took a cab from the hotel to reach the park. It is open to the public from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm on all days of the week. We took the entry fee, which was Rs. 510 per adult, and got in. For children it is Rs. 400 per child. During the weekends the rates are higher.

Wonderla Water Park Kochi

Wonderla Amusement Park Kochi | Image Resource : 0.tqn.com

The Wonderla park is said to have 55 rides which are categorized into four divisions, namely Dry rides, Kids rides, Water rides and High Thrill Rides. First we went in for the dry rides and enjoyed many of them. The Balarama Cave ride took us trough a dark cave with a lot of unexpected surprises like witches, skeletons, evil spirits etc. The hang glider was another ride we enjoyed. Flying boat and cinematic rides were also fun. The musical; fountain was another thing that we enjoyed here.

Wonderla Water Park Kochi

Wonderla Water Park Kochi | Image Resource : mw2.google.com

The park was full of plants and trees and provided a cool atmosphere to the tourists. after having lunch at the restaurant in the park, we went in for the water rides. It was even n=more thrilling than the dry rides and we had an exciting time having many rides like the wonder splash, water coasters, snake slides, fun glides etc. the waterfall in the park provides you a feel of standing under a real waterfall. Rain Disco was another event that we all enjoyed. At the water pool we had a lot of fun as if we were on a real beach with waves splashing at us.

There were many Kids rides which were only meant for the kids. High thrill rides was another attraction in the park, which is made with the latest technology. Vintage Tornado, Twin Flip Monster, Space Gun, Thunder Fall, Spinning Coaster, Wonderla Bamba are some of them. We had a ride on some of them and it was highly thrilling, making your hair stand on ends.

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